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Terms of Use

Before you start using ANP, it is strongly recommended to read our terms of use in order to avoid defaulting our terms of use.

Sponsored Posts
Every time you open a Sponsored post for the first time, you must share the post on your Facebook timeline and make the post public. Failure to do this may terminate your membership with ANP.

Comments and Reading Posts
Members earns immediately they opened a post. However, earning via comments requires an approval from the Admin. Once your comment is approved, you will earn. Repetition of comments or irrelevant comments might lead to account suspension.

E-PIN, also known as coupon code is used for activating a new user account during registration. E-PIN can be gotten from any E-PIN vendors listed on ANP website.

Vendors or E-PIN Resellers
Vendors are not Admin. Their roles includes selling of e-pins and disbursement of funds to members in their country. Any Vendor found claiming to be representing what they are not will be removed and the Vendor name will be published on ANP. It is not mandatory to register with a Vendor's affiliate link. You can simply purchase an E-PIN from a vendor in your country and proceed to registration.

E-PIN is Not Refundable After Purchase
After purchasing an E-PIN, you can not request for a refund.

Affiliate Link
Inviting people with your affiliate link gives you more edge and its a very fast way to earn on ANP.
However, there are things to note about affiliate links. You earn via affiliate only if a user uses your affiliate link to sign up on ANP. What happens after signing up can not be changed, so if your referral made an error or mistake on your affiliate link, we will not be responsible for the error and there is nothing that can be done to correct it.

Methods of Payment
You can send and receive funds via Bank, Mobile Money, Bitcoin, Chipper Cash, and Western Union.

Sustainability is very important in every organization or business, for this reason, our team is made up of responsible individuals who has common goals to support and sustain the growth of ANP. Please, check the Introduction to ANP for more information.

Change of Terms of Use
We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any point in time with or without a prior notice.