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Please, disregard anyone or company claiming to be in partnership with ANP. For over 5 months since we launched ANP, we have never been in partnership with any company running similar business as ANP.
Lets be Guided!

The Lion’s Share Smart Contract

Lion’s Share is a new Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix program.
This is a peer to peer platform built using Ethereum smart contract technology on the blockchain.

This platform is self operating, which means it can never be hacked, or changed.
Lion’s share (aka Lion Share) is a worldwide opportunity.

To get started, you just need a Trust wallet, Token pocket or a Metamask wallet to be installed on your Mobile device, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

Recruiting is Optional

The system is designed for both team builders and to help those who are not good at recruiting others, by a system of Spillover / Overflow.


Here’s a video explaining all about the Etherium Smart Contract Platform


Join & Earn Ethereum – Smart Contract – ETH 0.04 low cost joining

Mobile Phone / Tablet users – with Android devices➢ Join Lions Share Here using Trust wallet – Step by Step guide

How to Register in Lion’s Share.

Step-1: Download a wallet with Dapps. We highly recommend Trust wallet for Mobile and Metamask Wallet for Desktop.

Step-2: Fund your wallet with 0.055 ETH or more to cover network or gas fees.

Step-3: Open Dapps on your wallet and paste the link on it and search.

Step-4: Click on Login Automatically and then click To Register.

Step-5: Approve or Confirm your payment to register on the website.

Step-6: Wait for 2-3 minutes to receive all confirmations from the website.

Step-7: You have registered successfully. Take note of your ID for login purposes and also copy your referral or affiliate link to share to your others.

To enjoy spillovers for faster earning, please use ID number: 44188 for sign up.

Ideas for Funding your wallet

Luno – Buy Ethereum with your credit or debit card

Coinbase – The Worlds Largest Crypto exchange

Coinmama – Buy Ethereum with your credit or debit card