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Introduction to ANP

What is ANP?
Africa News Pay(ANP) is a news blog for sharing Africa and international news across the globe. ANP users earn for every activities done on the website. Activities includes reading news, commenting on posts, sharing of sponsored posts, logging in daily.

There are many legitimate ways to use the internet for your benefit, reading news on ANP and getting paid is one of the ways you can earn legitimate money online.

Our main objectives are to encourage reading habits in Africa, empower Africans through information and create empowerment programs like skills acquisition.

It is absolutely sustainable and we are working tirelessly to keep the website running by providing new and adjustable solutions for the benefit of all registered members.  

ANP Founders
ANP was co-founded by Dlamini Thato(South Africa), Felix Nkwabi(U.S), and Ngugi Kiyara(Kenya).   How We Generate Funds
Blogging is one of the most lucrative businesses online. Anyone can become a blogger and make a living from it without a company or government approval. We generate funds majorly via advertisement and Information and Technology (IT) services.
Below are some of the means we generate funds on ANP Digital Marketing
We promote businesses and brands online through social media and other electronics means of communication.

Google Ads
Google ads is an advertisement tool used for advertising brands and businesses on ANP from google. We earn each time a user clicks on Google Ads on ANP website.

Website & App Development
We earn by developing websites and mobile apps for clients irrespective of country or location and its affordable

Business Development
We raise funds by giving professional advise and ideas to small and large scale business owners. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.